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      Best Boxing Gloves souvenir available!
      Boxing is one of the most exhilarating sport in the world. With great fighters coming from every corner of the world, what better way to show your fighting spirt for your home team than displaying a pair of mini leather boxing gloves on the back of your car.
      At Superdaves Superstore, we have the finest mini boxing gloves, made from the highest quality material, designed to perfection so that even the smallest designs of the gloves hanging on your car can be seen an intersection away.

chicago-gloves-240x180 portugal-gloves-240x180
knvb-goves-240x180 germany-gloves-240x180
usa-gloves-240x180 france-gloves-240x180

      At our Store, we offer:

  • Country flags mini boxing glove souvenir
  • National Soccer team logo mini boxing glove souvenir
  • NHL Hockey team logo mini boxing glove souvenir

      At Superdaves Superstore, we offer the best deals at the lowest prices!To find the perfect boxing glove souvenir, visit or


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