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      Are you searching for a store that sells the most extraordinary crafted patches?
      Well look no more, Superdaves Superstore is the place that you’ve been searching for.We offer a variety of patches designed to the greatest detail and of the highest quality.

canada-patch-240x180 france-patch-240x180
penguins-patch-240x180 barcelona-patch-340x180
cuba-boy-patch-240x180 africa-patch-240x180
ontario-patch-240x180 bc-patch-240x180
california-patch-240x180 new-york-patch-240x180

      The different types of patches that we offer are:

  • Country flag patches
  • Sports patches
  • Picture patches
  • Canada provincial patches
  • USA states patches

and many more…
      At Superdaves Superstore, we offer the best deals at the lowest prices!
      We also provide free shipping for your order, no matter how big or small.To find the best patches,check out our website at


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